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Pakistan Market Report

Pakistan with the achievement of Technology is now moving out of the basic fabrication and going into more of advanced type of fabrics and as Pakistan is the main producer of cotton crop the prices of cotton apparel is very competitive.   In the last few years the Pakistan textile Industry has under gone through radical developmental changes.  Textile related policies have changed dramatically which has enabled the industry to get extended and Broad Based Financial Institutions in order to update and modernize their units.  Due to this a major boost has been witnessed specially in the knit and denim Industry.



The advantage or possibility to do so is the introduction of latest machinery right start from spinning, weaving, knitting.  Yarn dyeing, dyeing and finishing.  Having latest type of finishing in tubular and open width gives the added advantage to control the shrinkage in these types of fabrics.  Large scale vertical units have been set up in the Knit Industry and a result of this diversification the factories are now able to make new novelty fabrics such as piques, pointless, ribs, popcorn, cavalry twill meshes and embossed jerseys.

Yarn dyeing plants have been equipped with computerized engineered strippers, this option allows combinations in various textures such as jersey with pique combo repeat yarn dye twills, popcorn, crepe French terry in engineered stripes as a result of the rapid growth on the Industry major developments have occurred in the printing section.   Modern printing units have been set up with state of the art equipment which are if Italian, German and Swiss Origin.  Open width printing facilities are now available in Pigment and reactive dyes.  The printing qualities is of International standard as the print units have modernize these finishing equipment and are also aware of the necessity to monitor quality.  This has resulted in a product with clear registration and a soft Handfeel which could compare with any product that is made in the far east at a more competitive price.  Stitching method have improved with the Installation of new modernized machines.  This has resulted in an influence of renowned labels and also increasing their buying volumes considerably.  The labels they are currently buying out of Pakistan are stores likes GAP, Levis, Chaps, Bill Brass, J.C. Penny, Walmart, K. Mart, Sears, Christian Dior, Polo, Alexander Julain, Nike, Regatta, Buggle Boy, Drummer Boy Adida, Atheco and Ralph Lauren.  The European Customers incode Dr. Raphahld, J.D. Williams, Continente, Vegotex, Freemans, Gus, Grand Slam, Quelle, Ottoversand, 3 Sussier, Karstadt, C&A, H&M and Metro MG.



The woven Industry has also seen considerable Growth, Progress can be seen as green wood Inc of USA has entered into a joint venture with a well known local textile Group to set up a vertical denim Plant which starts at spinning and goes upto finishing the product under one roof.  This project will have a capacity to produce 30 Millions Jeans Per Annum.

Another similar venture is being set up by the leggier Polti Group of Italy in collaboration with one of the oldest textile Mills in Pakistan.  The quality of these Denims will be comparable to those being produced in Far east at competitive prices.  The available weight will range from 6 Oz 16 Oz.  In stripes, solid yarn dyes and colours.  Now various finishes are also available such as sanforising, pore shrinkage, Silicone and Scotch Guard are already being used other than Denim Twills, drills, Canvas and sheeting are the mainly sought.  Fabric Peach finish has now also been in this market for the last 7-8 years.  The Pakistan Market has a great potential in both knit and woven area,  it just requires careful placement and handling.


By.  Naeem Mirza